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  • adjective
    [more ~; most ~]
    not used before a noun :wanting to do something or likely to do something
    Feel free to leave early if you're so inclined. [=if you want to]
    usually followed by to + verb
    I'm inclined to leave early [=I would like to leave early], if that's OK with you.
    She didn't seem inclined [=disposedto help us.
    The door is inclined to stick. [=the door often sticks]
    used with verbs like agree, think, believe, suppose, etc., to express a thought or opinion that is not strong or certain
    I'm inclined to agree with you. [=I think you are probably correct]
    We're inclined to think she was mistaken. [=we think she was probably mistaken] - see also 1incline 4
    having an interest in or a talent for something
    usually used after an adverb (such as artistically, mechanically, or musically)
    having a slope
    an inclined surface