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  • noun
    plural hoots
    [count] the loud, deep sound made by an owl also; :a similar loud, deep sound
    (Britthe hoot [=honkof a car's horn
    a loud laugh or call made by a person
    informal :an amusing person or thing - usually singular
    Your father is a hoot.
    Wasn't that a hoot?
    give a hoot
    also care a hoot
    informal :to care at all about someone or something - used in negative statements
    I don't care a hoot about what they say.
    hoots; hooted; hooting
    [no obj] of an owl :to make a hoot
    [no obj] of a horn :to make a loud sound :honk
    b Brit :to cause (a horn) to hoot [+ obj]
    to call out or laugh loudly [no obj]

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