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  • noun
    plural hogs also hog
    [count] a chiefly US :a pig
    a hog farmer
    b Brit :a male pig that has had its sex organs removed and that is raised for meat
    a selfish or greedy person
    Don't be such a hog! Other people have to eat too! - see also road hog
    something that takes or uses a large amount or too much of something
    This car is a gas hog. [=it uses a lot of gasoline]
    The new software is a real memory hog.
    go hog wild
    US informal :to do something in an extreme or excessive way :to go wild
    go (the) whole hog
    informal :to do something in a very thorough and complete way
    If we're going to have a partywe might as well go the whole hog and hire a band.
    high off/on the hog
    xem high
    hogs; hogged; hogging
    [+ obj] informal :to take, keep, or use (something) in a way that prevents other people or things from having or using it

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