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  • noun
    plural hocks
    [count] a small piece of meat from the leg of a pig
    the part of the rear leg of a four-footed animal (such as a horse) that is like the human ankle - see picture at horse - compare 2hock, 4hock
    [noncount] informal
    the state of being in the possession of a pawnbroker
    An item that is in hock has been exchanged for money in an arrangement with a pawnbroker. If the money is returned, the item will be returned, or else the pawnbroker may sell it to someone else. When the item is returned it is out of hock.
    His gold watch is in hock.
    She got her earrings out of hock.
    the state of owing money to someone or something :debt
    She had to go into hock to pay for her college tuition.
    He's trying to get out of hock. - compare 1hock 4hock
    hocks; hocked; hocking
    [+ obj] :to give (something that you own) to a pawnbroker in exchange for money :to put (something) in hock
    plural hocks
    [count, noncount] Brit :a type of German white wine - compare 1hock 2hock

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