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  • noun
    plural hedges
    [count] a row of shrubs or small trees that are planted close to each other in order to form a boundary
    something that provides protection or defense - usually + against
    hedges; hedged; hedging
    [+ obj] :to surround (an area) with a hedge
    to avoid giving a promise or direct answer [no obj]
    hedge against
    [phrasal verb]
    hedge against (something) :to protect yourself from (something)
    hedge around
    or hedge about [phrasal verb]
    hedge (something) around/about Brit :to limit or restrict (something) - usually used as (be) hedged; usually + with or by
    hedge in
    [phrasal verb]
    hedge in (something) or hedge (something) in :to form a boundary around (something)
    hedge in (someone) or hedge (someone) in :to surround or restrict (someone) in a way that prevents free movement or action
    hedge your bets
    to do things that will prevent great loss or failure if future events do not happen as you plan or hope

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