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goodness /ˈgʊdnəs/  

  • noun
    [noncount] the quality or state of being good: such as
    the quality or state of being kind, honest, generous, helpful, etc.
    I believe there is (some) goodness in everyone.
    Even if you don't agreeat least have the goodness to be polite!
    She agreed to help him out of the goodness of her heart. [=because she is a kind and generous person]
    the quality or state of being useful or effective
    used to express mild surprise or shock
    Goodness, it's hot out today!
    Goodness (onlyknows how it happened.
    Did you stop them? Goodness (gracious), no!
    Ohmy goodness!
    People use I swear to goodness, I hope to goodness, or I wish to goodness to add force to a statement.
    I wish to goodness that you would hurry up!
    for goodness' sake
    used to express surprise or annoyance
    goodness knows
    xem know