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generation /ˌʤɛnəˈreɪʃən/  

  • noun
    plural -tions
    [count] a group of people born and living during the same time
    She was worshipped by a generation of moviegoers.
    (USThe current generation is changing the way things are done. = (BritThe current generation are changing the way things are done.
    the people in a family born and living during the same time
    The house has been passed down in the family from generation to generation.
    [count] :the average length of time between the birth of parents and the birth of their children
    She's a generation [=around 20-30 yearsolder than most of her colleagues.
    He has held that position for a generation.
    No one dreamed that such things would be possible a generation ago.
    [count] :a group of things that are developed from an earlier type
    [noncount] :the act or process of making or producing something :the act or process of generating something
    the generation of heat
    the generation of new ideas

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