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  • noun
    plural -dens
    [count] US :an area of ground where plants (such as flowers or vegetables) are grown
    We planted a small garden in our backyard.
    a vegetable/rose garden
    a garden hose/cart/rake/path
    a garden party [=a party that takes place in a garden or in a large yard with gardens]
    see color picture
    [count] Brit :1yard
    sitting out in the back garden
    [count] :a public area with many plants and trees
    a botanical/public garden - often plural
    [count] US :a large stadium or building for sports or entertainment - used in names
    Gardens [plural] chiefly Brit - used in street names
    xem common
    lead someone down/up the garden path
    xem lead
    -dens; -dened; -dening
    [no obj] :to work in a garden :to take care of the plants in a garden
    He likes to garden.

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