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  • noun
    plural fruits
    a usually sweet food (such as a blueberry, orange, or apple) that grows on a tree or bush [count]
    fruit salad [=a mixture of fruits cut into small pieces]
    fruit juice
    a fruit tree [=a tree that bears fruit]
    see color picture - see also forbidden fruit
    [count] technical :the part of a plant that has the seeds in it (such as the pod of a pea, a nut, a grain, or a berry)
    [count] :a result or reward that comes from some action or activity - usually plural
    [count] :something that exists naturally in the world and is useful to people - usually plural
    bear fruit
    xem bear
    the fruit of someone's loins
    xem loin
    fruits; fruited; fruiting
    [no obj] technical :to produce fruit
    When will the trees fruit?

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