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  • noun
    /ˈfoɚmjələ/ , pl -las also -lae /-ˌliː/
    [count] a plan or method for doing, making, or achieving something
    This has proven to be a winning formula. - often + for
    a formula for success/happiness
    a list of the ingredients used for making something (such as a medicine or a drink)
    [count] a mathematics :a general fact or rule expressed in letters and symbols
    The formula for the area of a rectangle is l X w. [=length times width]
    b chemistry :a series of letters, numbers, and symbols showing the chemicals that a compound is made of
    The formula for water is H2O.
    [noncount] US :a liquid that usually contains milk and that is used for feeding a baby
    [count] a set of words that are commonly used in a way that does not seem original or sincere :a conventional statement
    a common way of creating or telling a story in a movie, book, etc.

    * Các từ tương tự:
    formulaic, formulate