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  • verb
    -ters; -tered; -tering
    of a bird or insect
    to move or flap the wings quickly without flying [+ obj]
    [no obj] :to fly lightly with quick beats of the wings
    to move with quick, light movements [no obj]
    The breeze made the curtains flutter. [+ obj]
    [no obj] :to move or behave in a nervous and excited way
    If your heart/stomach flutters, you become very nervous or excited.
    Just the mention of his name makes my stomach flutter.
    plural -ters
    [count] :a quick, light movement
    With a flutter of wingsthe birds settled into the nest.
    The flutter of the flame cast shadows on the ceiling.
    [singular] :a state of excitement or confusion
    He was in a flutter until he found his keys.
    The news of her resignation caused quite a flutter.
    a flutter of excitement
    [count] Brit informal :a small bet
    have a flutter on a horse in the second race
    [noncount] technical :quick changes in the pitch of recorded sound
    The stereo is designed to minimize flutter.