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  • noun
    plural flicks
    [count] :a short, quick movement
    with a flick of his thumb
    a flick of the wrist
    She turned on the light with a flick [=flipof a switch. - compare 3flick
    flicks; flicked; flicking
    to move (something) with a short, quick movement [+ obj]
    flick a switch
    [+ obj] :to cause (something) to fly through the air by making a quick movement with your hand, finger, or thumb
    [+ obj] :to turn (something) on or off with a switch
    flick on the TV
    flick off the lights
    [+ obj] :to hit (someone or something) with a short quick movement
    plural flicks
    [count] informal :movie
    the new action flick
    a skin flick [=a movie featuring nude people]
    (Britgo to the flicks [=go to a movie theater; (USgo to the movies] - compare 1flick

    * Các từ tương tự:
    flicker, flick-knife