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favorite /ˈfeɪvrət/  

  • adjective
    US or Brit favourite always used before a noun
    most liked
    Red is my favorite color. [=red is the color I like most]
    What's your favorite movie?
    US or Brit favourite , pl -ites
    [count] a person or a thing that is liked more than others :a favorite person or thing
    Of all his booksdo you have a favorite?
    She's always been the teacher's favorite. [=pet]
    That movie is my favorite.
    a person, team, etc., that is considered most likely to win
    He's the (heavy/clear) favorite in the election. = He's the (heavy/clear) favorite to win the election.
    She always bets (onthe favorite [=bets for the horse that is favored to winwhen she goes to the races.

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