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  • noun
    plural fans
    [count] :a machine or device that is used to move the air and make people or things cooler: such as
    a flat device that is held in your hand and waved back and forth in front of your face
    an electrical machine that has turning blades
    The engine was cooled by an electric fan. - compare 3fan
    hit the fan
    informal :to cause a lot of anger and trouble - used especially to describe what happens when people find out about something that makes them very angry
    I don't want to be there when it hits the fan. - often used in the impolite phrase when the shit hits the fan
    fans; fanned; fanning
    [+ obj] :to move air on or toward (someone or something) with a fan
    To fan a fire is literally to blow air onto a fire so that it will burn more strongly. In figurative use the phrase fan the fires/flames means to make an emotional situation more dangerous, so that people become angrier and more likely to act in a violent way.
    baseball informal :to strike out [+ obj]
    fan out
    [phrasal verb]
    fan out or fan out (something) or fan (something) out :to spread apart or to cause (something) to spread apart
    plural fans
    [count] :a person who likes and admires someone (such as a famous person) or something (such as a sport or a sports team) in a very enthusiastic way
    I am a huge baseball fan.

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