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  • noun
    plural -sions
    the act of extending something: such as
    the act of making something longer or greater [noncount]
    extension of the patient's life [count]
    He's asking for a contract extension.
    the act of straightening or stretching something (such as an arm or a leg) [count]
    Make sure that the muscles get the proper amount of extension.
    [count] :extra time allowed for doing something
    I missed the deadline but was granted an extension.
    [count] :something (such as an interest or activity) that develops from something else - + of
    The phrase by extension is used to say that what follows comes from or is connected with something that has already been mentioned.
    The new measures benefit taxpayers andby extension, the economy.
    [count] a part that is added on to something to make it larger or longer
    They built an extension on their house.
    a road extension
    extension cord
    [count] :an extra telephone that is connected to the main line
    We've added another extension in our daughter's bedroomalso;  :a telephone number that connects to a particular extension
    I dialed her extension, but she wasn't at her desk.
    Extension 365, please.

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