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  • adjective
    not shared :available to only one person or group
    We have exclusive use of the beach. [=we are the only ones who can use the beach]
    The company has exclusive rights to (usethe logo.
    an exclusive interview
    [more ~; most ~]
    only allowing in people from a high social class
    He belongs to an exclusive club.
    an exclusive hotel
    an exclusive party - opposite inclusive
    available to only a few people because of high cost
    She attended an exclusive private school.
    one of the city's most exclusive restaurants
    full and complete
    They gave their exclusive attention to the job. - see also mutually exclusive
    exclusive of
    formal :not including (something)
    for five days exclusive of today
    There is a sale on all merchandise exclusive of jewelry.
    plural -sives
    [count] :a news story that appears in only one newspaper or that is broadcast by only one television or radio station