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  • noun
    plural -bows
    [count] the joint where your arm bends - see picture at human
    the part of a piece of clothing that covers the elbow
    something (such as a pipe or a piece of food) that is bent like an elbow
    elbow macaroni
    at someone's elbow
    next to someone :at someone's side
    His assistant is always at his elbow.
    The drink at her elbow was untouched.
    give (someone) the elbow
    Brit informal :to end a relationship with someone :to tell someone to go away
    She gave her boyfriend the elbow after he lied to her.
    rub elbows
    xem rub
    elbows; elbowed; elbowing
    to push or shove (someone) with your elbow [+ obj]
    If you elbow your way through a crowd, you move ahead by pushing and forcing people to move out of the way.

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