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  • adjective
    every one of two or more people or things considered separately
    A rope was tied to each end of the boat.
    Each student has done his best. = Each student has done his or her best. = (informal) Each student has done their best.
    Each one of them has done his/her best. = (informal) Each one of them has done their best.
    Each one of us took a turn. [=we each took a turn]
    Each one of them costs 50 cents. [=they each cost 50 cents]
    each and every
    used as a more forceful way of saying each
    each one
    Each of us took a turn. = We each took a turn.
    Each (of themcosts 50 cents.
    They each have done their best. = They have each done their best.
    to each his own
    or each to his own - used to say that other people are free to like different things than you do
    I don't care for footballbut to each his own.
    to or for each :apiece
    They cost 50 cents each.
    We were allowed two tries each.

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