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downhill /ˌdaʊnˈhɪl/  

  • adverb
    toward the bottom of a hill or mountain
    It is easier to ride a bike downhill than uphill.
    toward a worse state
    Her career/health is heading downhill.
    After his divorcehe went downhill fast.
    The service has gone downhill under the new owner.
    going or sloping down toward the bottom of a hill or mountain
    The second half of the hike is mostly downhill.
    a downhill path/slope
    not used before a noun
    not difficult :easy to do, deal with, etc.
    The worst part is overIt's all downhill from here.
    becoming worse or less successful
    The first part of the movie was pretty goodbut after that it was all downhill.
    His career has been all downhill in recent years.
    always used before a noun :relating to or used in a kind of skiing that is done down a mountain or hill instead of over the countryside
    I enjoy downhill skiing.
    a downhill skier/competition
    downhill skis - compare 1cross-country 3
    plural -hills
    [count] :a downhill skiing race - usually singular
    He finished first in the downhill.