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  • adjective
    [more ~; most ~] :existing or happening far away in space :separated by space
    They visited all sorts of distant [=far-offplaces.
    The town is about 30 miles distant. [=(more commonlyaway]
    always used before a noun [more ~; most ~] :far away in time :happening far in the past or far into the future
    In the distant pastdinosaurs roamed the earth.
    The day I left home is now a distant memory.
    the distant future
    always used before a noun [more ~; most ~] - used to describe a relative who is not closely related to you
    She's a distant cousin of mine.
    having to do with something that is not related to what is happening where you are or at the present time
    His mind drifted to distant thoughts.
    [more ~; most ~] somewhat formal :not friendly or showing emotion
    People did not like her distant manner.
    He was cold and distant.
    [more ~; most ~] :not like someone or something else - usually + from
    The values of that time seem very distant [=differentfrom our own.
    the dim and distant past
    chiefly Brit :a time that is so far in the past it is difficult to remember
    I remember the dim and distant past when the town was much smaller.