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  • noun
    [noncount] the right to choose what should be done in a particular situation
    Each artist in the gallery has discretion over the price that will be charged for his or her work.
    Something that is done at your discretion is done if, how, when, etc., you choose to do it.
    You can cancel the service at your (own) discretion. [=you can cancel the service whenever you choose]
    Exactly how much to tip a server is at the discretion of the customer.
    the quality of being careful about what you do and say so that people will not be embarrassed or offended :the quality of being discreet
    He always uses care and discretion when dealing with others.
    She is the soul of discretion. [=she is very discreet] - opposite indiscretion
    discretion is the better part of valor
    used to say that it is better to be careful than to do something that is dangerous and unnecessary;

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