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darkness /ˈdɑɚknəs/  

  • noun
    [noncount] a state in which little or no light can be seen :a dark state or condition
    We tried to find our way through the darkness. [=dark]
    the darkness of the movie theater
    He escaped under cover of darkness. [=while it was dark outsideat night]
    in the early morning darkness = in the darkness of early morning
    We watched the mountains fade into the darkness.
    12 hours of darkness
    the state of having a color or shade that is closer to black than white
    The darkness of the clouds warned us that rain was coming.
    the rich darkness of his skin
    a state in which information is hidden from most people
    evil or wickedness
    They set off to fight the forces/powers of darkness.
    a lack of knowledge, understanding, or education :a state in which little is known or understood
    people living in darkness [=ignoranceand sin