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  • noun
    plural cuffs
    [count] :the part of a sleeve, glove, etc., that covers the wrist - see color picture
    [count] US :a piece of cloth at the bottom of a pant leg that is folded up - called also (Brit) turn-up
    see color picture
    [count] :something that goes around a person's arm like the cuff of a sleeve
    She wore a cuff bracelet.
    The nurse put a blood-pressure cuff [=a cuff that measures blood pressureon his arm. - see also rotator cuff
    cuffs [plural] :handcuffs
    off the cuff
    without being prepared in advance :without planning or preparation
    I had to give the speech off the cuff. - see also off-the-cuff
    cuffs; cuffed; cuffing
    [+ obj] :to put (someone) in handcuffs
    He was cuffed and led away. - compare 3cuff
    cuffs; cuffed; cuffing
    [+ obj] :to hit (someone or something) with the palm of your hand
    She cuffed the boy on the head/ear. - compare 2cuff

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