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  • noun
    plural crests
    [count] the highest part or point of something (such as a hill or wave)
    usually + of
    The boat rose up on the crest of the wave.
    We stood on the crest of the hill/mountain.
    He was at the crest of his fame when he died tragically.
    a group of decorative feathers at the top of a bird's head also; :a decorative bunch of hair on the head of another animal
    a special symbol used especially in the past to represent a family, group, or organization
    her family's crest - compare coat of arms
    crests; crested; cresting
    [+ obj] :to reach the highest part or point of (a mountain, wave, etc.)
    [no obj] US :to rise to a high level before going back down

    * Các từ tương tự:
    crested, crestfallen