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  • noun
    plural -tries
    [count] :an area of land that is controlled by its own government :nation
    They are living in different parts of the country. - see also mother country, old country
    b the country :the people who live in a country
    The whole country was stunned by the news.
    The President has the support of most of the country.
    [noncount] :an area or region that has a particular quality or feature or is known for a particular activity.
    He moved to the north country to fish and hunt.
    We went camping in the hill country.
    They drove through miles of open country.
    We took a trip to wine country. [=an area where grapes are grown and wine is made]
    the country :land that is away from big towns and cities :countryside
    She lives out in the country.
    They prefer the country to the city.
    [noncount] :country music
    She loves country and rock.
    across country
    from one side of a country to the other.
    They drove across country.
    from one side of the countryside to the other
    go to the country
    Brit :to call for a general election to be held
    He went to the country and won.
    always used before a noun
    of, relating to, or characteristic of the country
    a country town/road
    country living/comforts
    country folk
    of or relating to country music
    a country singer
    country radio

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