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  • noun
    [noncount] US
    a tall plant that produces yellow seeds (called kernels) that are eaten as a vegetable, used to produce many food products, and used as food for animals
    driving past fields of corn - called also (USIndian corn, maize
    see color picture
    the seeds of the corn plant eaten as a vegetable
    a dish of buttered corn
    a can of corn
    Brit somewhat old-fashioned :a plant (such as wheat or barley) that produces seeds which are used for food also; :the seeds of such a plant :grain
    US informal :something (such as writing, music, or acting) that is old-fashioned and silly or sentimental :something that is corny
    The movie's humor is pure corn. [=is very corny] - compare 2corn
    plural corns
    [count] :a painful hard spot on the skin of the foot - compare 1corn

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