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concentrate /ˈkɑːnsənˌtreɪt/  

  • verb
    -trates; -trated; -trating
    [no obj] :to think about something :to give your attention to the thing you are doing, reading, etc.
    All that noise makes it hard to concentrate.
    All that noise makes it hard to concentrate on the book I'm trying to read.
    We need to concentrate [=focuson this problem.
    We need to concentrate on finding ways to work more efficiently.
    [+ obj] :to cause (attention, efforts, strength, etc.) to be used or directed for a single purpose - usually + on
    We need to concentrate our efforts on finding ways to work more efficiently.
    [+ obj] :to make (something, such as a liquid) stronger by removing water
    concentrate syrup
    The sauce should be simmered for a few minutes to concentrate its flavors.
    concentrate the/your mind
    Something that concentrates the/your mind makes you think very clearly.
    plural -trates
    a substance that is made stronger or more pure by removing water [count]
    a frozen orange juice concentrate [noncount]
    Is this orange juice fresh or is it made from concentrate?

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