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  • noun
    plural -pounds
    [count] something that is formed by combining two or more parts especially; technical :a substance created when the atoms of two or more chemical elements join together
    a compound of sodium and chlorine
    The metal reacts with the gas to form a compound.
    a word formed by combining two or more words
    -pounds; -pounded; -pounding
    [+ obj] :to make (something, such as an error or problem) worse :to add to (something bad)
    finance :to pay interest on both an amount of money and the interest it has already earned [+ obj]
    [+ obj] :to form (something) by combining separate things
    compound a medicine
    usually used as (be) compounded
    made up of two or more parts
    a compound leaf
    a compound microscope
    made by combining two or more words
    Steamboat is a compound noun.
    consisting of two or more main clauses
    I told him to leave and he left is a compound sentence.
    plural -pounds
    [count] :an enclosed area that contains a group of buildings
    a prison compound - compare 1compound

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