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  • noun
    plural -plaints
    [count] :a statement that you are unhappy or not satisfied with something
    We lodged a complaint with the hotel manager. [=we complained to the hotel manager]
    [noncount] :the act of saying or writing that you are unhappy or dissatisfied with something
    She did her chores without complaint. [=without complaining]
    a letter of complaint [=a letter in which you complain about something]
    You have no grounds for complaint. [=no reasons to complain]
    [count] :something to be unhappy about :something that people complain about
    [count] :a pain or sickness in the body :a symptom of a disease
    He is being treated for a stomach complaint.
    [count] law :a formal charge saying that someone has done something wrong
    He filed a complaint against his employer.
    The court dismissed her complaint.