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  • noun
    plural -ions
    [count] a person or animal you spend time with or enjoy being with
    She has been my closest companion since childhood.
    his longtime companion
    The old dog had been her constant companion for over 12 years. [=had been with her most of the time for 12 years] - sometimes used figuratively
    Pain was his constant companion. [=he felt pain all the time]
    someone you are with
    my dinner companion [=the person I was eating dinner with]
    something that is meant to be used with something else - often + to
    The book is a companion to the television series with the same name.
    The book is the companion volume to his previous book on jazz.
    The table is a companion piece to the two chairs.
    b - used in the titles of books that give information about a particular subject
    The Gardener's Companion
    a person who is paid to live with and help someone who is older or sick
    We've hired a companion for my elderly mother.

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