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  • noun
    plural clips
    [count] a usually small piece of metal or plastic that holds things together or keeps things in place
    a tie clip [=a piece of metal that holds together the ends of a necktie]
    He uses a money clip instead of a wallet. - see also paper clip
    a container that is filled with bullets and that is placed inside a gun so that the bullets can be fired
    an ammunition clip - compare 3clip
    clips; clipped; clipping
    [+ obj] :to hold (two or more things) together with a clip
    to attach (something) to or onto something else with a clip [+ obj]
    The radio clips to/onto a belt. - compare 4clip
    plural clips
    [count] :a short section of a movie, TV show, etc.
    Here's a clip from his new movie.
    [count] US :an article that has been cut out of a newspaper or magazine :clipping
    [singular] :the speed at which something happens
    The market is growing at a clip [=rateof five percent a year.
    If something moves or happens at a fast/rapid/steady/good clip, it moves or happens quickly.
    The train was moving at a good clip.
    [singular] US informal :one time or instance
    He makes up to $1,000 a clip.
    usually used in the phrase at a clip
    She can bicycle 30 miles at a clip.
    [singular] Brit informal :a quick and painful hit with the hand
    She gave him a clip round the ear. [=she hit him on the ear] - compare 1clip
    clips; clipped; clipping
    [+ obj] to make (something) shorter or neater by cutting off small pieces
    to cut (an article, a picture, etc.) out of a newspaper or magazine
    to hit the side of (something) while going past it
    The car skidded off the road and clipped a tree. - compare 2clip

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