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  • verb
    chokes; choked; choking
    [no obj] :to become unable to breathe usually because something gets stuck in your throat or because the air is not good for breathing
    Chew your food well so you don't choke.
    [+ obj] to cause (someone) to stop breathing by squeezing the throat
    to make (someone) unable to breathe in a normal way
    If you or your voice is choked with emotion, rage, etc., you are feeling emotion in such a strong way that it is hard for you to talk.
    [+ obj] :to stop (something) from growing or developing
    [+ obj] :to fill (something) completely so that movement is stopped or slowed
    [no obj] informal :to fail to do something well because you are very nervous
    choke back
    [phrasal verb]
    If you are choking back tears, rage, anger, etc., you are finding it very hard not to cry or express emotion.
    choke down
    [phrasal verb]
    choke down (something) or choke (something) down informal :to eat (something) with difficulty or without enjoyment
    The meal was overcookedbut I managed to choke down a few bites.
    choke off
    [phrasal verb]
    choke off (something) also choke (something) off
    to make (something) smaller, weaker, or less powerful :to cause (something) to slow down or stop
    to prevent (something) from flowing or getting through
    choke out
    [phrasal verb]
    choke (something) out or choke out (something) :to say (something) with difficulty because of strong emotion
    choke up
    [phrasal verb]
    If you choke up or get/become (all) choked up, you are almost crying and have trouble talking because of strong emotion.
    baseball :to move your hands to a higher position on a baseball bat - often + on
    plural chokes
    [count] :a part in a vehicle that controls the flow of air into the engine

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