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  • noun
    plural chases
    [count] :the act of following and trying to catch a person, animal, etc.
    a car chase
    [singular] :an eager attempt to get something
    He was always trying to find a new girlfriend and seemed to enjoy the thrill of the chase. - see also wild goose chase
    [count] chiefly Brit :steeplechase
    cut to the chase
    to go directly to the important points of a story, argument, etc.
    She urged him to skip the details and cut to the chase. [=get to the point]
    give chase
    to chase someone or something
    The officer saw the thief and gave chase. - often + to
    Police gave chase to the suspect as he fled the scene.
    chases; chased; chasing
    to follow and try to catch (someone or something) [+ obj]
    + after
    to try very hard to get (someone or something) [+ obj]
    + after
    to try to attract (someone) for a romantic or sexual relationship [+ obj]
    + after
    always followed by an adverb or preposition [+ obj] :to cause (someone or something) to go away
    chase down
    [phrasal verb]
    chase (someone or something) down or chase down (someone or something)
    to follow and catch (someone or something)
    to search for and find (someone or something)
    chase up
    [phrasal verb] Brit
    chase (something) up or chase up (something) :to search for and find (someone or something)
    Can you chase up those files for me?
    chase (someone) up or chase up (someone) :to contact or find (someone) usually in order to get something
    His landlord had to chase him up for his rent.

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