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  • noun
    plural bubbles
    [count] a tiny, round ball of air or gas inside a liquid
    a small ball of air in a solid substance
    a very light ball of air inside a thin layer of soap
    a period when many people invest money in something and cause its value to rise to a level that is much higher than its real value until finally its value drops very suddenly
    a stock market bubble
    burst someone's bubble
    informal :to cause someone to suddenly realize that something is not really good, true, etc.
    I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but the job is not really that exciting.
    bubbles; bubbled; bubbling
    [no obj]
    to form or produce bubbles
    to flow with the quiet sound of water moving over rocks
    to be very happy and excited - usually + with
    of emotions, feelings, etc. :to exist in a constant way without being openly shown

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