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  • noun
    /ˈbuːɵ, Brit ˈbuːð/ , pl booths /ˈbuːðz/
    [count] a partially enclosed area or a small and usually temporary building where things are sold or displayed or services are provided
    a small area that is enclosed in order to provide privacy for one person
    a voting booth - see also phone booth, photo booth, polling booth
    an enclosed area for some kinds of workers that provides shelter and keeps them separated from the public
    a ticket booth
    Traffic slowed as we approached the toll booth. [=a booth at which drivers pay a fee for using a particular road or bridge]
    Our seats at the baseball game were  to the broadcast booth. [=a booth from which a radio broadcast is made]
    chiefly US :a table in a restaurant between benches with high backs
    They sat at/in a booth  to the window.