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  • verb
    booms; boomed; booming
    [no obj] :to make a deep and loud sound
    [+ obj] :to say (something) in a deep and loud voice
    [no obj] of a business or industry :to grow or expand suddenly
    plural booms
    [count] a deep and loud sound or cry
    the boom of a gun
    a rapid increase in growth or economic success
    a boom in tourism = a tourism boom
    a boom economy [=an economy experiencing a boom] - see also baby boom, boomtown - compare 3boom
    plural booms
    [count] a long pole attached to the bottom of a sailboat's sail
    a long pole used to hold a microphone in position from a distance
    a floating barrier used on a river, lake, or harbor to catch floating objects, to keep boats from entering, or to prevent an oil spill from spreading

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