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  • noun
    plural boats
    [count] a small vehicle that is used for traveling on water
    a fishing boat
    He tied the boat to the dock.
    a vehicle of any size that is used for traveling on water
    see picture on next page; compare ship
    a long and narrow container that is used for serving a sauce with a meal
    a gravy/sauce boat
    fresh/just off the boat
    informal :recently arrived in a country
    in the same boat
    informal :in the same unpleasant or difficult situation :affected by the same problem
    We're all in the same boat.
    miss the boat
    informal :to fail to use an opportunity
    If I don't act now I could miss the boat on this investment.
    push the boat out
    Brit informal :to spend a lot of money :to be extravagant
    rock the boat
    informal :to cause trouble by changing or trying to change a situation that other people do not want to change
    Don't rock the boat.
    boats; boated; boating
    [no obj] :to travel in a boat

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