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  • verb
    blushes; blushed; blushing
    [no obj]
    to become red in your face because you are ashamed, embarrassed, confused, etc.
    to be embarrassed
    I blush to admit itbut you've caught me in an error.
    plural blushes
    [count] :the red color that spreads over your face when you are ashamed, embarrassed, confused, etc.
    The comment brought a blush to her cheeks.
    [count] :a slight red or pink color
    The fruit is yellowwith a blush of pink.
    [noncount] US :a cream or powder that some people put on their cheeks to make their cheeks pink or reddish
    She put on a little lipstick and blush. - called also (chiefly Britblusher, /ˈblʌʃɚ/
    at first blush
    xem first
    spare someone's blushes
    xem spare

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