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  • verb
    blends; blended; blending
    [+ obj] :to mix (things) thoroughly and usually with good results
    Blend the fruityogurtand milk (together).
    [no obj] :to exist together as a combination
    blend in
    [phrasal verb]
    to look like what is around you
    to look like you belong with a particular group
    She tried to blend in by dressing like the other girls. - often + with
    blend (something) in or blend in (something) :to add (something) to a mixture or substance and mix it thoroughly
    Blend the white paint in last.
    blend into
    [phrasal verb]
    blend into (something)
    to gradually become the same as or part of (something)
    to look like (what is around you)
    to look like you belong in (something)
    He tried to blend into the crowd.
    plural blends
    [count] :something produced by mixing or combining different things
    a blend of cream and eggs

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