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  • verb
    /ˈbliːd/ bleeds; bled /ˈblɛd/; bleeding
    [no obj] :to lose or release blood because of a cut, injury, etc.
    [+ obj] :to remove blood from (a person) as part of a medical procedure that was done in past times
    [+ obj] :to remove air or liquid from something
    You'll need to bleed the car's brake lines.
    [no obj]
    a of dye, ink, paint, etc. :to spread from one area into another
    The shirt's colors might bleed [=runif you wash it in hot water.
    to gradually spread into or become something else - usually + into
    [+ obj] informal :to take a lot of money from (someone) over a period of time
    [+ obj] informal :to lose (money) continually
    your heart bleeds for
    xem heart

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