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  • adverb
    in or to a lower position :below
    the mountains and the towns beneath
    the sky above and the earth beneath
    an awning with chairs and tables beneath
    The ground beneath is covered with flowers.
    in or to a lower position than (something or someone) :below
    the sky above us and the earth beneath us
    just beneath the surface of the water
    The painting is hanging on the wall with a plaque beneath it. - opposite above
    directly under (something or someone)
    the ground beneath [=underneathher feet
    We had a picnic beneath a large tree.
    The paper was hidden beneath a pile of books.
    She wore a sweater beneath her coat.
    not worthy of (someone) :not good enough for (someone)
    under the pressure or influence of (something)
    hidden under (something)
    He has a warm heart beneath [=underunderneathhis gruff manner.
    from beneath
    from a place below or under (something)
    She gazed at us from beneath the brim of her hat.