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  • noun
    plural bays
    [count] :a large area of water that is part of an ocean or lake and partly surrounded by land
    They went fishing in the bay.
    see color picture - compare 2bay 3bay 4bay 5bay
    plural bays
    [count] a section of a ship, airplane, etc., that is used for a special purpose (such as storing things)
    a cargo bay on a ship
    an engine bay
    a section of a room or building
    a barn with three bays - see also bay window - compare 1bay, 3bay, 4bay, 5bay
    compare 1bay 2bay 4bay 5bay
    at bay
    in the position of being unable to move closer while attacking or trying to approach someone - used with keep or hold
    plural bays
    [count] :a kind of European tree that has leaves which are used in cooking - see also bay leaf - compare 1bay, 2bay, 3bay, 5bay
    plural bays
    [count] :a horse that is a reddish-brown color - compare 1bay 2bay 3bay 4bay
    bays; bayed; baying
    [no obj]
    to bark with long sounds
    to shout or cry out in a loud and often angry way

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