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  • adverb
    hardly or scarcely - used to say that something was almost not possible or almost did not happen
    I barely recognized you with your hair cut short.
    He could barely walk/read/write.
    The boat was barely visible off the coast.
    We barely [=almost do nothave enough money to pay the bills.
    I barely [=almost do nothave time to eat my lunch.
    He barely made his flight. [=he almost was too late for his flight]
    b - used to say that someone or something only has a specified small size, age, length, etc.
    The movie is (just) barely an hour long.
    He's barely a teenager.
    She's barely four feet tall.
    Barely 50 percent of the population voted.
    c - used to say that something reached a specifed condition or happened only a short time before
    The paint is barely dry.
    They had barely [=justset up the tents when it started to rain.
    almost not at all
    We barely spoke the entire time we were in the car.
    I barely knew him.
    almost not
    There is barely a difference between the two.