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barbecue /ˈbɑɚbɪˌkjuː/  

  • noun
    plural -cues
    [count] :a flat metal frame that is used to cook food over hot coals or an open fire
    grill a steak on the barbecue
    [count] :an outdoor meal or party at which food is cooked on a barbecue
    We plan to have a barbecue for the whole family. - abbrBBQ
    [noncount] chiefly US informal :food that has been cooked on a barbecue :barbecued food
    She invited us over for some beer and barbecue.
    -cues; -cued; -cuing
    to cook (food) on a barbecue :to broil or roast (meat, fish, etc.) over hot coals or an open fire [+ obj]
    We barbecue often during the summer.