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  • noun
    plural -loons
    [count] a thin usually rubber bag that becomes larger when it is filled with air or gas
    I blew up a balloon but then it burst.
    a picture or space in a cartoon that contains words that are spoken or thought by a character
    go over like a lead balloon
    US or Brit go down like a lead balloon
    informal of a joke, suggestion, etc. :to fail completely
    He told a joke about his mother-in-law and it went over like a lead balloon. [=no one laughed at the joke]
    My suggestion went over like a lead balloon. [=no one liked my suggestion]
    -loons; -looned; -looning
    [no obj] :to become bigger quickly
    His weight ballooned to 300 pounds. = He ballooned to 300 pounds.

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