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  • adverb
    chiefly US /ˈbækwɚd/ or backwards /ˈbækwɚdz/
    toward the back :to or toward what is behind
    a sudden movement backward, not forward
    I heard a noise behind me and glanced backward.
    He pushed the throttle backward.
    She took a small step backward.
    Can you skate backward?
    opposite to the usual way :in reverse
    Count backward from 10.
    toward the past
    a journey backward in time
    The narrative moves backward and forward in time.
    to or toward a less advanced state or condition :toward a worse state
    bend over backward
    or lean over backward also fall over backward
    to make a great effort to help someone or to reach agreement with someone
    The salesman said he would bend over backward to make the deal.
    know something backward and forward
    xem know
    directed or turned toward the back
    a backward glance
    a backward baseball cap
    a sudden backward movement
    done backward
    a backward somersault
    [more ~; most ~] :behind others :not as advanced as others in learning or development
    (old-fashionedHe was a backward pupil who struggled to keep up in school.

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