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  • verb
    -rests; -rested; -resting
    [+ obj] to use the power of the law to take and keep (someone, such as a criminal)
    A person who is arrested by the police is taken to a police station or jail and kept there.
    formal :to stop the progress or movement of (something)
    The medics were unable to arrest [=stopthe bleeding.
    formal :to attract and hold the attention of (someone or something)
    colors that arrest [=catchthe eye
    plural -rests
    the act of legally taking and keeping someone (such as a criminal) :the act of arresting someone [count]
    The police placed/put her under arrest. [=the police arrested her] - see also citizen's arrest, false arrest, house arrest
    medical :an occurrence in which a part of the body suddenly stops working [noncount]