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  • adverb
    despite something that has been stated before
    The road got worsebut they kept going anyway.
    I didn't expect her to say yesbut I asked her anyway.
    It makes no difference what we sayShe's going to do what she wants anyway.
    He's far from perfectbut she loves him anyway.
    used to give added force to a question
    How do they do it anyway?
    What exactly does this mean anyway?
    I can't believe he acted so rudelyWho does he think he is anyway?
    used to add something to a previous statement
    It's too expensiveand anyway [=and besides], we don't have enough time to do it.
    used to correct or slightly change a previous statement
    I've never known him to be sadnot this sad anyway.
    The movie wasn't that badI liked it, anyway, even if no one else did.
    For a brief time, anyway, they seemed to be happy.
    used to indicate that something stated before is not important
    used to introduce a statement that begins a new subject or that goes on to the next important part of a story
    So, anyway, what do you want to do ?
    Anyway, I have to go nowI'm already late.

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