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although /ɑlˈðoʊ/  

  • conjunction
    despite the fact that :though - used to introduce a fact that makes another fact unusual or surprising
    Although [=whileeven thoughhe was hungryhe could not eat.
    Although we rarely see each otherwe're still very good friends. = We're still very good friends although we rarely see each other.
    Although [=whileI'd love to have dinner with you tonightI already have plans.
    It feels as if I've known you forever although [=even thoughwe've only known each other for a day.
    Although (it issmallthe apartment is very expensive.
    but, however, though - used when making a statement that differs from or contrasts with a statement you have just made
    I don't believe we've met before, although I must say you do look very familiar.
    I think his name is John, although I'm not completely sure about that.
    I'd love to have dinner with you, although I can't.
    The book had a good, although not greatplot.