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  • noun
    plural -sences
    [singular] :a state or condition in which something expected, wanted, or looked for is not present or does not exist :a state or condition in which something is absent
    There was an absence [=lackof enthusiasm in the crowd. [=the crowd was not enthusiastic]
    In the absence of reform [=without reform], progress was slow.
    With the (continued) absence of rain [=because of the lack of rain], crops have begun to dry up.
    [count] a failure to be present at a usual or expected place
    I expected to see her and was surprised by her absence.
    a period of time when someone is not present at a place, job, etc.
    She returned to the company after a long/prolonged absence. - see also leave of absence
    The saying absence makes the heart grow fonder means that you tend to like someone better when that person goes away for a time.
    in someone's absence
    while someone is away
    The study was completed in her absence.
    in the place of someone who is not present
    He was asked to speak in his brother's absence.